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Guided Tours & Experiences since 1925
      Carrani Tours
      We’ve been delivering the best travel experiences in Rome for over 90 years

      Who We Are
      Carrani Tours is the largest provider of sightseeing tours in the Eternal City.
      For more than 90 years, Carrani Tours has been at the center of creating and operating the best traveler experiences in Rome and surroundings with more than 100 tours and experiences.

      Carrani Tours which was founded in 1925 by Mr Benedetto De Angelis who wanted to provide visitors with guided tours to Rome. Carrani Tours were the second authorised tour operator and the first bus tour operator in Rome, so we think our founder would be more than happy the popularity of our pink buses.

      From these early beginnings, we have built a network of tours in and around Rome, with exclusive partnerships with the Vatican Museums and Colosseum. We also provide tours to major destinations such as Capri, Pompeii, Tivoli, Sorrento, Florence and Venice.

      In 2014 Carrani Tours was selected by the Gray Line group as its exclusive tour operator for Rome. For more than 100 years, Gray Line has been creating and operating the best traveller experiences in popular destinations around the world. This partnership makes us part of the largest provider of sightseeing tours on the planet.
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